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2019 katerva innovation award
SoundGuard Finalist For 2019 Katerva Award
SoundGuard is proud to have our soundproofing paint technology recognized as a promising sustainable innovation. Katerva seeks to identify the most promising startups with a focus on sustainable disruptive innovation; the kind of innovation that makes our world a better place, while blazing a path toward sustainability. With over 1500 global nominees identified by Katerva’s […]
soundproofing commercial office building
How to Soundproof a Commercial Office Space
Open floor plans are all the rage in office configurations. Experts point to the increased levels of collaboration and relationship building that they encourage. From a purely financial standpoint, they also boast reduced construction costs. There’s a downside to all of this openness, however. It’s noisy! Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep […]
soundguard soundproofing paint
Hotel Sound Reduction – How to Soundproof a Hotel Room
A noisy room is one of the most common complaints among hotel guests. In fact, more people complain about this issue than they do about their room’s cleanliness. To keep hotel guests happy, we recommend taking proactive measures to reduce the sound transmission from adjoining rooms, hallways, and outside. We’ll give you some tips on […]
reduce sound transmission sound waves
How to Reduce Sound Transmission Through Walls
Architects, developers, and contractors that build residential apartments, townhouses, single-family homes, and commercial office properties are largely concerned with keeping costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Historically, the designers and builders have not given enough attention to the “soundproofing” of walls because there was a lack of cost-effective products and solutions. The reality […]
stc rating sound transmission measurement
What is STC Rating & How is it Calculated?
Interested in learning more about sound transmission and soundproofing? Then you’ve come to the right place! At SoundGuard soundproofing is what we do best. Our patent-pending eco-friendly soundproofing paint is taking the market by storm as a fast, affordable option to soundproof even the nosiest of rooms. But enough about us. Let’s dig right in […]
soundguard soundproofing paint
Soundproof Paint: The Cost and Comparisons
What is the cost of soundproof paint and how does it compare to other solutions? Well, it costs considerably less than you might think and it’s much more cost-effective than competing soundproofing solutions. Most shared walls in hotels, apartments and condos are constructed using ½ inch drywall with fiberglass batt insulation in between the studs. […]
SoundGuard Selected as Semi-Finalist for Startup of the Year
SoundGuard was recently selected as a Top 100 Global Semifinalist for the 2018 Startup of the Year Award. This year’s class of Semifinalists come from 43 states and 46 countries. As a Semifinalist the SoundGuard team was invited to attend Innovate Celebrate in Boston, MA on October 15th-17th to compete for $500,000 in prizes. Innovate […]
SoundGuard Attending HD Expo
For many years HD Expo has been the hotel industry’s leading conference and trade show. Created and hosted by Hospitality Design magazine, it offers an unmatched level of new products and services, ideas and inspirations, access to decision makers and networking with industry professionals.  HD Expo is dedicated to creating longstanding relationships between the hotel owners and managers with many of […]
SoundGuard Launches New Website
SoundGuard, creators of the world’s first soundproof paint is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The website which can be found at has been re-designed to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience, additional content and access to detailed product information. The team at SoundGuard invites you to explore their new website and discover […]
SoundGuard Is Finalist For New England Innovation Award
SoundGuard, creator of the world’s first and only soundproof paint has been named a Finalist for the 2018 New England Innovation Award. The New England Business Association, founded in 1938 as the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) is a private nonprofit association with approximately 600 member companies. NEBA was established to provide a […]