SoundGuard Attending HD Expo

For many years HD Expo has been the hotel industry’s leading conference and trade show. Created and hosted by Hospitality Design magazine, it offers an unmatched level of new products and services, ideas and inspirations, access to decision makers and networking with industry professionals.  HD Expo is dedicated to creating longstanding relationships between the hotel owners and managers with many of the world’s best commercial designers, architects, developers, purchasing firms, product suppliers and product manufacturers.

This year HD Expo will be held on May 2nd to May 4th at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our founder and CEO, Jonah Lupton, will be Vegas from April 30th through May 4th to meet with executives and distributors as well as attend the Expo to hear some of the speaker sessions, visit exhibitor booths and network with other attendees. Last year’s attendance at HD Expo surpassed 10,000 and all indications point to this year’s show being even bigger and better.
This means there are literally thousands of individuals from across the globe that would benefit from learning about SoundGuard which is why our Founder & CEO will be in Las Vegas all week and available for meetings. You may contact Mr. Lupton directly at or 617-818-1529.

SoundGuard Launches New Website

SoundGuard, creators of the world’s first soundproof paint is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The website which can be found at has been re-designed to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience, additional content and access to detailed product information. The team at SoundGuard invites you to explore their new website and discover why soundproof paint is such an amazing, affordable solution to a worldwide problem that all of us have experienced at one point or another.

Whether you live in an apartment/condo building, spend a lot of time in hotel rooms or you work in private offices — you can probably appreciate the disruptions and frustrations that unwanted sound transmission can cause. SoundGuard solves this problem as being the only non-invasive solution on the planet that can achieve a 12+ decibel reduction while costing just $3-4 per square foot (including labor and installation). This is 60-70% less costly than adding another layer of drywall or having to rip open the walls to spray more insulation or install sound clips or resilient channel or some other less effective soundproofing method that does not stand up to SoundGuard on any level.

SoundGuard’s new website includes an extensive library of resources, videos, test reports, product/safety data sheets, customer testimonials and much more to help prospective customers learn how soundproof paint works and why it’s such an ideal solution for the commercial and residential markets. SoundGuard is extremely passionate about solving noise problems and giving millions of people around the world a better quality of life without unwanted noise distractions.

Jonah Lupton, Founder & CEO of SoundGuard understands the magnitude of the problem his team is solving and believes it’s just a matter of time before every residential and commercial property across the globe is using SoundGuard on their walls and ceilings.

SoundGuard Is Finalist For New England Innovation Award

SoundGuard, creator of the world’s first and only soundproof paint has been named a Finalist for the 2018 New England Innovation Award. The New England Business Association, founded in 1938 as the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) is a private nonprofit association with approximately 600 member companies. NEBA was established to provide a legislative voice for small businesses and to make information and resources available to help small business owners grow their companies.

The prestigious New England Innovation Award, which originated more than 30 years ago, strives to recognize companies that have taken their innovative ideas and developed them into transformative products and companies poised for massive disruption and growth.

Judging for the New England Innovation Award is based on four main criteria: Innovation. Growth. Stability. Impact.

The nomination for SoundGuard was a result of years of research and development by their team of chemists and coating experts. SoundGuard’s founder and CEO Jonah Lupton was dedicated in his pursuit to create their soundproof paint because he was confident the application possibilities would be endless. SoundGuard is the only non-invasive soundproofing solution on the planet that can achieve 12+ decibel reduction at a truly reasonable price point. In addition to being effective and affordable, this revolutionary product is also eco-friendly, fire-resistant, mold/mildew resistant and anti-microbial.

Winners of the 2018 New England Innovation Award will be named at the New England Business Association’s Annual Gala on Thursday, May 10th in Waltham, Massachusetts. Tickets can be purchased at

How big is the soundproof paint market?

Over the past couple years since I began working on SoundGuard I’ve been asked the following question at least a hundred times — “how big is the soundproof paint market”

To be honest I have no idea and neither does anyone else. When you create a new product category at the intersection of two massive industries it means you won’t have much relevant data to use for questions like this one.

However, I’ve also been wondering what our potential market size might be so I decided to crunch some numbers.

This is what I do know:
– U.S. paints & coatings industry is $50+ billion annually
– Global paints & coatings industry is $100+ billion annually
– U.S. soundproofing industry is $5 billion annually
– Global soundproofing industry is $15 billion annually
SoundGuard sits somewhere between these two industries but it’s worth noting that our product is just the base coat (see picture below). This means the top coat or finish coat is still needed which makes the big paint companies more like allies rather than competitors
Over the next 12 months, in just the U.S. alone, more than 30,000,000,000 square feet of wall space will be painted (yes that’s 30 billion)…which translates into approximately 200,000,000 walls.
If we make a very conservative assumption that 1 out of every 1,000 walls could benefit from soundproof paint (that’s 200,000 walls total) and assuming the average wall costs $500-750 (product, materials, shipping, labor) then I believe the current addressable market for soundproof paint is somewhere between $100-150 million annually.

**If you assume that 1 out of every 500 walls could benefit from soundproof paint then these numbers all double which means the current market size might be closer to $200-300 million.
My goal with SoundGuard is to capture as much of this market as possible.

In my opinion as the commercial and residential markets become more informed and educated on the possible uses for soundproof paint then this new product category should grow rapidly at 30-40% per year which means “soundproof paint” could easily become a $1 billion market in 5-7 years.
Contact us at to speak with a member of our sales team.