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SoundGuard Launches New Website

SoundGuard, creators of the world’s first soundproof paint is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The website which can be found at has been re-designed to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience, additional content and access to detailed product information. The team at SoundGuard invites you to explore their new website and discover why soundproof paint is such an amazing, affordable solution to a worldwide problem that all of us have experienced at one point or another.

Whether you live in an apartment/condo building, spend a lot of time in hotel rooms or you work in private offices — you can probably appreciate the disruptions and frustrations that unwanted sound transmission can cause. SoundGuard solves this problem as being the only non-invasive solution on the planet that can achieve a 12+ decibel reduction while costing just $3-4 per square foot (including labor and installation). This is 60-70% less costly than adding another layer of drywall or having to rip open the walls to spray more insulation or install sound clips or resilient channel or some other less effective soundproofing method that does not stand up to SoundGuard on any level.

SoundGuard’s new website includes an extensive library of resources, videos, test reports, product/safety data sheets, customer testimonials and much more to help prospective customers learn how soundproof paint works and why it’s such an ideal solution for the commercial and residential markets. SoundGuard is extremely passionate about solving noise problems and giving millions of people around the world a better quality of life without unwanted noise distractions.

Jonah Lupton, Founder & CEO of SoundGuard understands the magnitude of the problem his team is solving and believes it’s just a matter of time before every residential and commercial property across the globe is using SoundGuard on their walls and ceilings.