2019 katerva innovation award

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SoundGuard Finalist For 2019 Katerva Award

SoundGuard is proud to have our soundproofing paint technology recognized as a promising sustainable innovation.

Katerva seeks to identify the most promising startups with a focus on sustainable disruptive innovation; the kind of innovation that makes our world a better place, while blazing a path toward sustainability.

With over 1500 global nominees identified by Katerva’s researchers, SoundGuard was selected as one of only ten finalists in the Smart Cities category.

The categories, which build on the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, include Economy, Behavior Change, Gender Equality, and Smart Cities.

soundguard katerva innovation award 2019

About SoundGuard

SoundGuard has created the world’s first soundproofing paint for commercial and residential markets. Our revolutionary, eco-friendly noise reduction coating that has been independently and scientifically proven to reduce sound transmission through interior walls by up to 90% making it the closest thing to soundproof paint that has ever been developed.