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Soundproof Paint: The Cost and Comparisons

What is the cost of soundproof paint and how does it compare to other solutions? Well, it costs considerably less than you might think and it’s much more cost-effective than competing soundproofing solutions.

Most shared walls in hotels, apartments and condos are constructed using ½ inch drywall with fiberglass batt insulation in between the studs. This standard technique is efficient for the general contractor to install and easily finished by the drywall installers; however, it is insufficient for stopping the sound transmission between those walls.

After construction has been completed, there are very few options available to increase the STC (sound transmission class) rating of a shared wall which will reduce sound transmission and even fewer non-invasive options to accomplish this same goal.

Sometimes an additional layer of drywall can be added, but this solution is cost prohibitive, extremely time-consuming, and requires the refitting of junction boxes, light switches as well as the wall trim and/or moldings.

Other times the existing wall is ripped open so more insulation can be installed. This solution is cost prohibitive, extremely invasive, barely effective, and it is also very time-consuming.

Another option might require drywall to be completely removed so sound clips can be installed. This solution will increase the size of the wall cavity thus creating a smaller room while adding significant costs and time delays to the project.

Why would you go through this hassle of using any of these soundproofing solutions when a better one is readily available?

SoundGuard’s soundproofing paint is not only easier to install as compared to the solutions mentioned above, but it’s also less expensive and more effective. Following the installation instructions outlined in our guide and working with one of our certified SoundGuard installers guarantees that our soundproofing paint is simpler, faster and cheaper to apply than adding more layers of drywall or ripping walls apart. Depending upon the size of the project and the size of the painting crew, we can do a few rooms in less than a couple of days or do an entire hotel floor in less than a week.

How much does soundproof paint cost?

Now that we’ve explained the overwhelming advantages of soundproof paint versus other soundproofing solutions, it’s time for us to discuss the costs. When evaluating a soundproof paint project there are four main factors to consider:

1) Cost for the soundproof paint:
For commercial customers, SoundGuard’s soundproof paint costs $2.25 to $3.25 per square foot. Since the coverage rate on our soundproof paint is approximately 22.5 square feet per gallon, we are typically charging $50 to $75 per gallon depending on the size of the order. For residential customers, SoundGuard’s soundproof paint will cost slightly more at $4 to $5 per square foot, however, we will not be selling to residential customers until 2019.

2) Cost for shipping the soundproof paint:
Shipping can vary from $.25 per gallon or less if the project is near our manufacturing facility, and up to $3.00 per gallon or more if the project is thousands of miles away. The cost can also be higher if the customer or contractor needs the soundproof paint order sent via multiple shipments.

3) Cost of materials:
Often times painting contractors will markup the price of materials as a way to boost their profit margins, this is very common and will include items such as tape and plastic. On average you should expect to pay $10 to $25 per wall depending on the size of the markup, the size of the wall, the amount of prep work needed to get that wall ready for an application, and the integrity of the contractor to be fair with you. Typically on new construction and large scale renovations the amount of materials needed to prep a wall will be very minimal. Especially when compared to an existing luxury condo that needs the side walls, ceilings, and floors to be covered and protected before spraying any soundproof paint.

4) Cost of labor:
Of all the cost factors discussed in this article, the one that varies the most from project to project is the cost of labor. This is true for many reasons such as: (1) the average market rates for painting contractors in your city (2) the competitiveness of the bidding process for the project (3) the time of year can also play a factor in pricing (4) the familiarity of that contractor with soundproofing paint because a contractor that is uneducated on a product may bid higher on a project to give themselves room for error. In our experience, you should be able to find a qualified contractor to apply SoundGuard’s soundproofing paint for less than $1.50 per square foot on existing walls and closer to $1.00 per square foot on new construction or large-scale renovations.

Are you interested in learning more about soundproofing paint?

Our soundproofing specialists are standing by to discuss your project and help you evaluate the cost of SoundGuard’s soundproofing paint and determine if it will be an effective solution for your particular situation. You may submit a request with your project details by visiting this page or you can call us directly at 800-955-3991.

Thank you for considering SoundGuard.