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Soundproof paint is disrupting the $50 billion global paint industry. This industry has had very little innovation over the past several decades. We believe that our product is so incredible in terms of effectiveness and affordability that every commercial and residential property owner needs to consider putting SoundGuard on their walls.

SoundGuard creates an impenetrable barrier that can block decibels at any frequency. It has been independently proven to reduce sound transmission by and average of 90%.

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Introducing our revolutionary, eco-friendly noise reduction coating that has been independently and scientifically proven to reduce sound transmission through interior walls by up to 90% making it the closest thing to soundproof paint that has ever been developed.

SoundGuard’s high-performance, patent-pending coating is not only effective, affordable, easy to apply and non-invasive but it’s also fire resistant, mold resistant and mildew resistant.

This means that SoundGuard is the perfect soundproofing solution for your commercial or residential property.

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SoundGuard soundproof paint creates an impenetrable barrier on the wall that is able to block decibels at any frequency. Our standard application is 3 coats at 22-23 wet mils per coat for a total of 68 wet mils. Our product then dries down to approximately 30 dry mils which is equivalent to the thickness of a credit card.  Each coat typically dries within 2 hours meaning you can get an entire wall or room done in one day.


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I’ve know Jonah for many years so watching him develop SoundGuard from an idea into a thriving business has been very exciting. I’ve witnessed the before and after sound testing and the results are extremely impressive. As a landlord I am confident this product will change the paint industry forever. ~David H.

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I have been in the paint manufacturing business for over 40 years and SoundGuard continues to astonish me. Never did I think it was possible for a paint to be considered as a solution for reducing sound but SoundGuard has figured it out. I have no idea what magic bullet they have in their paint but it works and therefore appears to be a no-brainer for any building that has sound transmission problems. Congrats to the founder and inventors of SoundGuard. This is true innovation at its best. ~David F.

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When I first heard the term “soundproof paint” I’ll admit I was skeptical. How could any paint reduce the noise and still look great but then I witnessed it. They tested the decibel levels in a room that had not been sprayed. Then the paint was sprayed onto a shared wall and given time to dry. When the new decibel readings were taken I was blown away!!! The paint actually reduced the noise to the point it was completely inaudible. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experience. ~Chelsea B.

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I have had the pleasure of witnessing multiple SoundGuard projects using their soundproof paint which included the sound testing before and after the product was applied. The whole process seemed quick and easy while the results definitely exceeded my expectations. SoundGuard was able to get a 10-15 decibel reduction and the difference I noticed with my own ears was extremely impressive. This product has so many advantages over traditional soundproofing solutions which really makes it a no-brainer for hotels and apartments. ~Lindsay M.

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I've been applying specialty coatings for the last decade and I have yet to find a product quite like SoundGuard. I am thoroughly impressed with SoundGuard in every way. It applies very easily and holds up to their promise of sound reduction. The difference in sound transfer between rooms was immediately noticeable to us as the applicators as well as the staff at the hotel we were working on. ~Jake M.

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I was present during the SoundGuard application process and then was able to witness the resulting noise reduction. Amazing!! I was skeptical at first that any paint could be so effective but I’m not anymore. It blocked out all of the sound which was unrealistically high to begin with. Terrific product!! ~ Jerry L.

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I recently worked with SoundGuard and I’m extremely impressed with its effectiveness, affordability and ease of application versus other sound reduction options. Jonah and his team provide great consultation and service. For the best solution at the best price I highly recommend using SoundGuard. ~Terry C.

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It's been a pleasure working with an emerging coatings company like SoundGuard and their tremendous product. When you consider this product is easy to apply, leaves a perfectly smooth finish and it’s really effective then you have a truly transformational solution to work with. Probably the most importantly aspect of the company is that the owner of SoundGuard will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. ~Tony P.

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Being a professional in the real estate industry, I cannot stress how much value this product brings to our industry. I constantly have tenants complaining about noisy neighbors but there’s never been an easy, affordable solution like soundproof paint. Property owners and managers need to be using SoundGuard for the benefit of their residents and reducing turnover in their buildings. ~Genell G.

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I’ve worked at hotels for most of my career and I can honesty say that SoundGuard’s soundproof paint is the most incredible product I’ve ever experienced. Our hotel has been dealing with noise complaints ever since we opened back in the 1980’s. Like most people I was very skeptical that SoundGuard’s product could live up to it’s promises but after observing the differences before and after the walls were treated in the guest rooms I am now a true believer. I can’t wait to someday buy this product for my own house. ~Sandra R.

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It’s been a remarkable process getting to experience such a revolutionary product for the hotel industry. SoundGuard’s soundproof paint has certainly opened my eyes and exceeded my expectations. It can only be defined as innovative and essential. This product is the perfect solution for hotels and other commercial or residential properties because it’s noise reduction capabilities are truly impressive and it’s very cost effective compared to other options. I highly recommend other owners and operators consider using SoundGuard at their properties. ~ Bill B.

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